Wendy Etris: A.J. Styles’ Wife Biography, Net Worth, Height And Other Information

Wendy Etris and AJ Style

In the thrilling world of professional wrestling, where superstars capture our imaginations with their athleticism and charisma, there exists a love story that transcends the boundaries of the squared circle. Wendy Etris, the inspiring wife of the legendary AJ Styles, is at the heart of this tale. This article invites you to journey through the life of Wendy Etris, a high school teacher, a pillar of unwavering support for her husband AJ Styles, and the matriarch of a beautiful family. It’s a story that embodies the very essence of love, family, and inspiration.

From the early days of AJ Styles’ wrestling career to their enduring marriage and the beautiful family they’ve built together, the life of Wendy Etris is filled with heartwarming moments and remarkable achievements. It’s a story that captivates not only wrestling enthusiasts but anyone who appreciates the power of love and dedication. So, let’s embark on this journey to get to know Wendy Etris, the woman who stands by the side of one of wrestling’s greatest superstars.

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Quick Facts

Before we dive deeper into the narrative of Wendy Etris, let’s begin with some quick, fascinating facts about her. Wendy Etris, born in 1978 in North Carolina, is a woman of diverse talents and boundless passion. At the time these articles were written, she was approximately 45 years old, a testament to her enduring youthful spirit that shines through every aspect of her life. Her vibrant personality and magnetic passion make her seem eternally young, ready to light up any room with her infectious charm.

While her exact net worth isn’t publicly disclosed, Wendy Etris leads a comfortable life, thanks to her career as a dedicated high school teacher. Her unwavering commitment to education is evident, and she considers her work a calling, instilled in her since childhood. Her husband, the wrestling sensation AJ Styles, boasts a net worth of approximately $6 million, primarily attributed to his illustrious wrestling career. It’s a journey that has taken him from the early days of wrestling to international stardom, with Wendy’s unwavering support by his side. With this captivating backdrop, let’s delve deeper into the life of Wendy Etris and discover the profound impact she’s had on her family, her husband, and the wrestling world.

Wendy Etris is the Wife of AJ Styles

Wendy Etris holds a unique and cherished place in the heart of wrestling icon AJ Styles, known as Allen Neal Jones. Their love story, which began to take shape in the late ’90s, serves as an enduring testament to the power of love and commitment. In the year 2000, the wrestling world saw the union of Wendy Etris and AJ Styles in a heartwarming wedding ceremony. This marked the beginning of a lifelong journey together, a journey filled with countless memories, both in the ring and beyond.

Wendy Etris, born in the rich American tapestry of North Carolina, has been the anchor in AJ Styles’ life, supporting him through the highs and lows of his wrestling career. While AJ Styles became a global phenomenon in the wrestling industry, Wendy chose a different path, dedicating her life to education as a high school teacher. In a world where professional wrestling takes center stage, Wendy’s influence extends beyond the squared circle, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of young minds she shapes every day. Their love story is not just a tale of two individuals; it’s a saga of dedication, love, and the power of standing by each other’s side through it all.

Wendy Etris Age

Wendy Etris, with her youthful spirit, has defied the passage of time. Born in 1978 in the heart of North Carolina, her age defies the traditional markers. At the time this article was crafted, she was approximately 45 years old, but her vibrant personality and magnetic charisma make her appear eternally youthful. Whether it’s her unwavering commitment to her profession as a high school teacher or her enduring support for her husband AJ Styles, Wendy’s age remains but a number.

Wendy Etris Biography

The warmth of North Carolina’s cultural heritage and history has left an indelible mark on Wendy Etris. Her love for her family, her community, and her enduring passion for education all have their roots in her North Carolina upbringing. As we delve deeper into Wendy’s story, you’ll find that age is not a measure of one’s spirit or their ability to captivate a room with a charismatic presence. Wendy Etris’s zest for life shines as brilliantly as a Carolina sunset, and she continues to rule hearts, leaving a lasting impression on anyone she meets. It’s a reminder that the essence of a person transcends age, and Wendy’s youthful spirit is a testament to that very truth.

Personal Life

Wendy Etris’s journey is a testament to her dedication and the love she pours into every aspect of her life. Beyond being the wife of a wrestling icon, she is a passionate high school teacher. Her unwavering commitment to education has been her guiding light since her early years. Wendy doesn’t just consider teaching a profession; she sees it as a calling, and it’s a calling she has wholeheartedly embraced. With each lesson she imparts, she leaves an indelible mark on the young minds she molds.

Her involvement in the world of professional wrestling goes beyond being AJ Styles’ partner. Wendy has made short appearances in promotions like TNA and WWE, showing unwavering support for her husband. Her brief but impactful cameos in the wrestling world highlight her dedication to AJ Styles and her belief in his journey. It’s a story of a supportive partner, a dedicated teacher, and a loving mother, all wrapped into one remarkable individual who continues to inspire those around her.

Wendy Etris Profession

Wendy’s life is a beautiful tapestry woven from threads of education, love, and support. Her devotion to her profession as a high school teacher is palpable, and it’s a journey that started long before her marriage to AJ Styles. She believes in the power of education to shape the future and instill values in the next generation. With Johnson high school as her alma mater, Wendy’s journey as an educator has been nothing short of remarkable.

While she excels in the realm of education, Wendy has also made appearances in the wrestling world, participating in short storylines in TNA and WWE. Her presence on the wrestling stage is a testament to her unshakable support for her husband’s career. AJ Styles has often credited Wendy with being a significant source of inspiration throughout his wrestling journey. Her unwavering commitment to both education and the world of professional wrestling is a testament to her boundless energy and passion. Wendy Etris is a shining example of how one can balance multiple roles and excel in each, leaving an indelible mark on those she interacts with.

Wendy Etris Marriage

One of the most heartwarming chapters in the love story of Wendy Etris and AJ Styles is their enduring marriage. They embarked on their journey of love and commitment, culminating in a beautiful wedding on August 5th, 2000. This marked the beginning of a partnership that would weather the storms of life and the ever-changing world of professional wrestling. Their love story is a shining example of high school sweethearts who beat the odds, proving that true love knows no boundaries.

Their union has been blessed with four beautiful children, each with a special place in the Styles family timeline. Their oldest child, Ajay Covell Jones, was born on May 3, 2005, beginning their journey into parenthood. Two years later, on February 14, 2007, Avery Jones joined the family, adding a touch of romance. Albey Jones, another joyful addition, arrived on September 15, 2009.

Finally, on October 8, 2014, Anney Jones, their youngest child, completed their dynamic quartet. AJ Styles proudly wears his love for his children on his right torso, featuring a distinctive tattoo commemorating their birthdates. This touching tattoo represents not only his love for his family but also his profound connection with his children, their memories forever etched in ink.

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Wendy Etris Husband Career

AJ Styles, better known as Allen Neal Jones, is a wrestling legend with a career that spans decades. His wrestling journey began in 1998, and he didn’t just dream of wrestling; he lived it. Starting with National Championship Wrestling in Georgia, AJ Styles got his first big break in 1998. Trained by the legendary Rick Michaels, his career began with a loss in his very first single match, but this setback didn’t deter him. In 1999, he emerged as the winner of the Promotional Tour’s Television Championship, marking the beginning of his meteoric rise in the world of wrestling.

AJ Styles, Husband of Wendy Etris

AJ Styles went on to participate in several independent wrestling tournaments, both in the USA and abroad, showcasing his skills and earning accolades. His journey took him to various wrestling promotions, including Frontier Wrestling Alliance, East Coast Wrestling Association, World Championship Wrestling, and even brief appearances in WWF.

His most notable stint with TNA wrestling saw him win the inaugural TNA X Division Championship, setting the stage for an illustrious career in the company. Throughout his career, AJ Styles has faced some of the biggest names in wrestling, including Matt Morgan, Sting, Kurt Angle, and Hernandez. His journey eventually led him to the WWE, where he became a key figure, vying for titles and entertaining fans worldwide. AJ Styles’ career is not just a wrestling story; it’s a testament to passion, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence.

Wendy Etris Children

The Styles family is not just a testament to a successful marriage but also a thriving example of parenthood. Wendy Etris and AJ Styles are the proud parents of four wonderful children, each with a unique place in their family timeline. Their oldest child, Ajay Covell Jones, arrived on May 3, 2005, bringing the joys and responsibilities of parenthood into their lives. Two years later, on February 14, 2007, Avery Jones joined the family, adding an element of romance to their journey. Albey Jones, another joyful addition, made his debut on September 15, 2009, completing the trio of sons. Finally, on October 8, 2014, Anney Jones, their youngest child, arrived, bringing further happiness to their already vibrant household.

Wendy Etris Children

AJ Styles’ love for his children goes beyond words. He proudly sports a tattoo on his right torso that commemorates their birthdates. It reads “AJ 05-03-05 02-14-07 09-15-09,” with each number signifying a birthdate of one of his first three children. The tattoo stands as a heartfelt testament to the love he has for his family, a permanent reminder of the blessings in his life. It’s a symbol of the deep bond that ties the Styles family together and a beautiful expression of a father’s love for his children.

Physical Appearance

Wendy Etris, with her captivating presence, doesn’t just excel in her roles as a dedicated high school teacher and a loving mother but also has a unique charm that extends to her physical appearance. Her exact height isn’t publicly disclosed, but her presence is undeniable, and her impact goes far beyond measurements. Her brown eyes mirror her warmth and her light brown hair adds to her allure.

Wendy’s physical attributes, including chest size, waist size, dress size, and shoe size, aren’t publicly available, but her magnetic personality leaves a lasting impression on those she meets. Her beauty isn’t defined by numbers but by the way she effortlessly captures the attention of anyone in her presence. Wendy Etris’s physical appearance is a reflection of her inner spirit – vibrant, warm, and enchanting. It’s a reminder that true beauty shines from within and transcends the boundaries of physical attributes.

Wendy Etris On Social Media

Wendy Etris maintains an Instagram account, albeit with a distinct approach compared to her husband’s public presence on social media. Her account is set to private, a deliberate choice that stands in stark contrast to AJ Styles’ public accessibility with a substantial following in the millions. This difference in privacy settings reflects the unique strategies adopted by the couple when it comes to managing their online personas. While AJ Styles engages with a massive fan base, Wendy chooses a more private path, ensuring a level of personal space and intimacy in the digital realm.

This contrast in their social media strategies showcases the diversity of their personalities and preferences, emphasizing their individuality within their partnership. Wendy’s decision to maintain a private account aligns with her focus on family and personal connections, allowing her to share moments with a select audience. It’s a choice that reflects the balance between their public and private lives, and it’s a testament to the depth of thought they invest in maintaining a harmonious online presence.

Net Worth

As of August 2023, Wendy Etris boasts a net worth of $2 million, a reflection of her career as a dedicated high school teacher. Her financial profile is intriguing, given the average high school teacher’s salary, which hovers around $61,660. Wendy’s net worth is a product of her focused career in education, and it aligns with the expected earnings in her profession.

In comparison, her husband, AJ Styles, stands at a remarkable net worth of $6 million, primarily due to his illustrious wrestling career. This financial juxtaposition underscores the influence of career choices and the success achieved within those fields. While Wendy thrives in the realm of education, AJ Styles has carved a niche in professional wrestling, resulting in varying net worth figures. This comparison showcases the diversity of their careers and financial profiles, reinforcing the idea that success can be achieved through distinct paths.


In conclusion, the story of Wendy Etris and AJ Styles is a beautiful narrative of love, dedication, and the harmonious balance between two unique individuals. Their journey started as high school sweethearts, and it evolved into a remarkable partnership that has stood the test of time. The love story between Wendy Etris and AJ Styles isn’t just a tale of romance; it’s a testament to the strength of their commitment. They embarked on a journey that led them to a beautiful wedding on August 5th, 2000, and they have been together for over two decades.

Wendy’s role as a high school teacher, her dedication to education, and her unwavering support for her husband’s wrestling career showcase her versatility and the deep love she holds for her family. Their four children, Ajay Covell Jones, Avery Jones, Albey Jones, and Anney Jones, represent the next generation of the Styles family, a testament to their enduring love. In a world where success can be achieved through different paths, Wendy Etris and AJ Styles stand as an inspiring couple who have found success in both their careers and their family life. Their journey is a beautiful tapestry of passion, support, and inspiration, demonstrating that love knows no boundaries and that the bonds of family are unbreakable.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Wendy Etris, and what is she known for?

Wendy Etris is known as the wife of A.J. Styles, a famous American wrestler. She is a high school teacher who inspires students beyond the world of wrestling.

How old is Wendy Etris?

Wendy Etris was born in 1978, making her 45 years old as of the article’s publication.

What is Wendy’s profession?

Wendy Etris is a high school teacher, and she is passionate about her work.

Has Wendy Etris been involved in professional wrestling?

Yes, Wendy Etris has made short appearances in professional wrestling promotions like TNA and WWE in support of her husband, A.J. Styles.

How many children do Wendy and A.J. Styles have?

They have four children: Ajay Covell Jones, Avery Jones, Albey Jones, and Anney Jones.

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