The Story of Legendary Basketball Player: Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant is a legendary basketball player who spent his entire twenty-year career as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers team that won five NBA Championships and NBA MVP award. He is one of the few NBA athletes to have had a successful career as a sports player for Nike and Adidas. Despite the end of his career, the Bryant shoe series remains one of the most famous NBA players’ choices. 

kobe bryant


When you take off your records and rings, it’s easy to see why Kobe inspires so many people around the world. He persistently pursued his childhood dream and came to live it for the whole world to see. And although he fixed his gaze higher than hers, he never gave up on his pursuit of perfection.

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Nike and Kobe Bryant


The relationship between Kobe and Nike was a match made in heaven. After Kobe Bryant’s tragic death, all of his stock flew off the shelves, particularly his legendary sneakers. Nike has made the wise decision to delay the renewal of any Kobe merchandise indefinitely. Also, the launch of the sneakers scheduled for February and March has been postponed. Black Mamba fans had to pay offensive resale prices for any clothes or memorabilia they could get. At a time when everyone needs good news, Nike quietly launched its first new Kobe sneaker in January.

kobe bryant


They have teamed up to produce some of the best basketball shoes in history. His fan base overseas matches that of his supporters in the United States. His shoes have become the preferred choice of many of his contemporaries in the league. After the retirement of Bryan in April 2016, Nike released Kobe A.D. in November 2016. The shoe’s first celebration after retirement was more like a funeral than a party.

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Kobe Sneakers


Kobe Bryant sneakers are perfect for men, women, and kids. These signature shoes are specially designed and printed for Kobe Bryant fans to celebrate Mamba week. These Kobe sneakers are fashionable, comfortable, stylish, and high-quality sneakers of 2020. These adorable custom Kobe Bryant shoes will help you remember the legend forever and be inspired by the Mamba mindset every day. These are the best Kobe sneakers for teens to remember and celebrate the life of Kobe.

kobe bryant


Any sneakerhead can give you a thorough description of Kobe Bryant’s influence on the basketball shoes. Kobe has consistently pushed Nike in a more advanced direction throughout his partnership. There were no longer heavy tall boots but relatively light football boots. His signature streak included 11 designs that left an indelible mark on sneaker culture and basketball.


Bryant is honored in numerous ways, from Nike releasing Kobe-related items throughout the week to Los Angeles and Orange counties that officially kicked off “Kobe Bryant Day.” Bryant has stimulated countless feelings and thoughts, and thousands of prayers, about leadership, greatness, fame, pain, and loneliness.

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